8th October news

Morning exercise begins to step up

Gallops reports from our web-site team have been as rare as hen's teeth over the last couple of months, so forgive us if we indulge in this mid-week update from Dodlands Steading.
Five work-riders to choose from, but not all at the same time so Wednesday's work rota centered around groups of 3 or 4.

Garry has been back to working in his 'real job' but does ride out first lot during the week.

Lot 1 - twice up, at a brisk pace

Lot 2 - twice up, at a steady pace

Early October gallop
Lot 2 and Laura on Lady Villanelle leads 'Aura (Georgina) with 'Marcus' (Callum) tracking in behind

Lot 3 - twice up, at a brisk pace

This trio are some of the more forward in the yard, and while this exercise was a fair bit short of a 'work' gallop, the three went nicely.
Or as The Trainer put it...'two 120 rated hurdlers and a 135 rated chaser - they should go well'

And as a bonus, here is a short video of Lot 3     video link

Early October gallop
An experienced Lot 3 - Baby Ticker (Laura), Dali Mail (Callum) and Stainsby Girl (Georgina)

After a breakfast break, Connor joined in for the remaining pieces of work

Lot 4 - twice up, brisk pace

Another quartet that went particularly well. Nice to see Eternally Yours enjoying herself, and Rob Bewley has a nice prospect in his unnamed Jet Away gelding.

Early October gallop
Lot 4. Eternally Yours (Georgina) leads 'Tyson (Connor), Stolen Money (Callum) and Danced Every Dance (Laura)

Lot 5 - twice up, steady

Yet again this season, Our Elsie continues to baffle us. She works like a nice filly but she didn't show up that well on her sole racecourse appearance in a bumper last season.

And finally, the remaining horses did a mixture of twice up the gallops and steady road work

There it is. Horses were counted out and back, all present and correct.
As you may have gathered from the above gallop report, although all of the string are in full training some are more forward than others. Mainly due to the time span of about 3 weeks in early August when they came in from summer grass.

First runner of the NH Season? Maybe 2-3 weeks away before October is out.....then again, maybe early November.
Until next time, take care all.

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