22nd December news

Musselburgh Monday review

You know that feeling you get.
Your football team has been going so well in the first few months of the season, when bam! The last fixture before Christmas is poor and ends in defeat. I mean, it's enough to put you off your Turkey Dinner.

Huge sigh.......time for contemplation.

Neither of our runners at Musselburgh on Monday did themselves justice.
If you believed their prominence the betting market, both Paper Promise and Big Bad Dream were quite fancied to put in a bold show and be competitive over the last couple of hurdles. But it was not to be, and each was beaten a long way from home in their respective races.

It would be folly to attempt to look around for excuses as we are well aware of the talent that these horses possess.
We'll see what the New Year brings...................


Merry Christmas to all!!

Strange times are getting stranger all the time.

When we come back after our Christmas break (possibly Catterick and/or Kelso), full lockdown will be in place in many parts of the UK, and British racing will be all the poorer in quality with the lack of runners from Ireland.

We (using the royal 'we' in this instance - British Horse Racing) are fully aware just how much of a privilege it is that has been granted to horseracing - through being classed as an elite sport - that has allowed meetings to take part in all of the UK mainland nations. Northern Ireland and Eire come under the jurisdiction of HRI but similar rules have applied over the last 6 months.

With the pandemic worsening, briefing from all governments contain harsh warnings regarding the tightening of what is and what is not 'essential'.
We all hope that racing will continue come Boxing Day, even if attendance is limited to stable staff. TV coverage by the specialist racing channels is superb and ITV do an excellent job on their frequent course visits.

Anyway, we hope you all can enjoy the best Christmas possible, stay safe and remember.... 'keep the heid'.


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